27 November 2011

Dereliction of Blurbin'

Dear Dr. Bones,

¿Who would do Mil. Sci. best, by the neocriterious an’ weekly-shiftin’ standards of Foxcuckooland, if not a news-commentary humorist?

¡Yet even a stopped clock is whight twice a day!

The McTime, by the way, is now [11/27/2011 04:49]. Put that in the memorandumb your prepare about this portentous phænomenon please, of a wingnutette that actually gets off the runway a little, accuracywise. It has nothing to do with the case, I know, but I want it around in the waiting room to keep poor Ambassador Huntsman company.

His freelordship of UT, too, has nothin’ to do with the fact that Secretary MacNamara’s War was presided over by none other than . . .

.... Hmmm. Is that "!Wait, wait, don’t tell me!" I hear you thinking, sir?

Well, there is no urgent need for *me* to disclose Ms. Clio’s punchline. You and I can talk instead about the latest degeneration of the pajamaclads, offerin’ us what *purports* to be NCH, news-commentary humor, but is really only an advertisement for somebooby’s book.

Neocomrade Rear-Colonel (as he now is-- as we all are on Monday mornin’s forty years after the game) H. R. McBooby

Should you want some more recent O. B., Big LEW says "currently a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution."

¡Small world, that his freelordship should prove a Hoovervillain! For here was I, naturally expecting the pet g@@gle to report that our latest Macnam-basher graduated from the _Voyènnaya Akadémiya imieni M. V. Frûnze_. Or thereabouts. ¡What a disappointment to encounter a conventional rake’s progress from Valley Forge to West Point to Galvez Mall 94305!

Dr. Gen Petrolæus (‘David’ to George XLIII) can go back to Princeton, but it looks as if poor unpostgraduated McBooby will have to do that fadin’ away _shtyk_ in the bright sunwhight of CA. Rather a challenge, that may be.

You might make a separate memorandumb for LEW’s own file: at the end here we get

McMaster was passed over for promotion to brigadier general twice in a row, in 2006 and 2007. As one of "the most celebrated soldier (_sic_) of the Iraq War", this decision was controversial among the public. "The reasoning was possibly his tendency to speak out against the status quo, although it is always for the benefit of the mission and his soldiers."

That seems to me to raise certain fairembalancement questions. To sound rather as if a certain H. R. McBooby wrote it, even. (It would be fun, by the way, to know exactly what teacup that controversy-riven ‘public’ foregathers in.)

As is notorious, your typical Officers Club violence pro acts always for the beneifit chiefly of Number One. DMS, Douglas MacArthur Syndrome, I believe they call this form of brain fever. And, if we may trust our humorist’s account of all these things (a very dubious business, but let’s go along with the gaga) Big Doug an’ little Herbie do broadcast on much the same self-wavelength: "Had Johnson actually listened to the advice of his generals — essentially that *war is war and must be fought to win* — the outcome would certainly have changed."

A native speaker would have written "the oucome would have been different" of course, but the general idea is clear enough.

It is kinda funny-peculiar that our humorist does not realize that he is blurbin’ his ideobuddy’s wannabe potboiler in a way that makes it unnecessary for it to be read at all. One the one hand, decent political adults do not doubt that noble Godzilla *could* have trampled down evil Bambi, had we been prepared to deploy "force without stint or limit." We do not need to be told that, and we account it a thoroughly kiddie notion that that is what should have happened. To make SECWAR readable about by grown-ups would require at least of modicum of sympathy with all those whiz-kid calculations about bigmanagerial cost-effectiveness that his freelordship of MacNamara brought over with him from the Ford Motor Company. Gagster Orr here gives the impression that Rear-Col. McBooby is not interested in that brand of eye glaze at all. Impressions given out by whightists are far from reliable, but when one cares as little about Mil. Sci. and Mil. Hist. as I do, it is not worth $10.68 at Amazon to check out exactly how bad this joke is.

Meanwhile, back at Rio Limbaugh, the selfservative kiddies already know their own notions through an’ through. "OF COURSE we shoulda just nuked ’the Ho Chi Minh out of ’em," barks Wally Wombschool. Hence there is no reason to expect Master Wally to wanna read all about it any more than the Muses or you or I do.

Happy days.


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