23 April 2012

Lullaby for Skipper ‘Spengler’
(and all who go down to Seemight in kitsching utensils)

22 April 1433-2012-5772

Beautiful Civ., so rich, so whight,
Obnoxious to Natives as to Night,
Civ. of the Ev’nin’land,
Beautiful Civ.!

Beautiful Civ., the Black an’ the Tan
An’ Bad Poor, who resent what thy meshes deman’,
Are delighted to sift to the rear to make room
For the cap’n an’ crew of the ‘Wunnerful Civ.’!

Civ. with Neojumblies¡Agoy, there, mates!
Sieve of the Ev’nin’land,
¡Wunnerful, WUNNERFUL, Civ.!

Sieve without Neojumblies
Happy days.

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