27 March 2012

"keepin' mockin' the r*ce baiters"

Dear Dr. Bones,

¡Amerika, du hast es [anders]!

Our holy Homeland™ is not particularly superhuman or ‘exceptional’ (as vulgar whightists prefer to bark up Wunnerful US) in most respects, yet think, sir, of our Kolorblind Kiddies, all those wretched victims of "Social Daltonism," so to christen their disease. In one respect, at least, there really is no place like Holy Home. Feel free to disagree, as long as you submit your reasons in detail.

To pick a far-fetched example at random, it seems unlikely that the traditionally freelordly Magyars really believe in the parity with themselves of Slovenes, and Slovaks, and Slavs and slavevolks generally, but they appear to have resorted to an oral rather than a visual strategy such as the Squire of Simon Pajama has adopted: rather than implausibly pretend not to SEE how superior they are in every respect that matters, those who inhabit Hungary-_quâ_-Magyar-State nowadays mostly just shut up about their own manifest self-wunnerfulness. No blindfolds for them, but gags.

This plan seems eminently reasonable to Paddy McTammany, admittedly from twelve thousand kilometres’ distance, inasmuch as (A) their freelordships must have noticed by now that genuine agreement from non-Magyar zimmiyyôt is harder to find, almost, than birds’ milk, and (B) more philosophically, that if Magyar self-wunnerfulness be in fact soundly based--as ¿What Mac- or O’ can seriously doubt that it is?--it will easily survive and flourish despite not being ballyhooed _urbi et orbi_ 24/7. [1] [2]

’Tis but a small figurative step from beautiful downtown Ballyhoo to the manor of Simon Pajama. With the good Squire, an’ ¡World’s Premiere YaleoDrama™ist!, not to ballyhoo would be tantamount to nonexistence. His freelordship would take a blindfold over a gag any day, an’ that without special reference to the present distressing subject.

This makes his freelordship a less than completely satisfactory satisfactory GUIDE of All Kolorblind Superhumanity. Those we are, as always, to assume the subjective sincerity of all the freelordly barkin’s an’ bellowin’s, however implausible or distasteful, nevertheless one cannot just ignore the fact that we have to do with a Media Mogul wannabe, a Neohaven-tainted specimen that would dearly (not to mention clearly) like to become the Walter Cronkite or Walter Lippmann of the non-mainstr-...of, that is, The Backwater Media™. Individual subjective sincerity, though almost certainly present, is perhaps not the aspect of his freelordship best featured in the shop window: ¡Erst kommt der Karrierismus, dann die Moral!

In that spirit, perhaps the Social Daltonism that really matters, that afflictin’ the rank-&-file Party base & vile, should be passed over for today, and his freelordship made an object of strictly literary criticism. One point of that sort is pretty obvious. The Squire scribbles on the botttom line

Racists still are pariahs, even if race baiters are everywhere. We should all remember that – and keeping mocking the race baiters until they go away. That, for good or ill, is our assignment. Whoever said it would be simple?

You must judge for yourself, Dr. Bones, but the present keyboard, he mocked, must be grateful for the free hint. I would never have guessed that The Squire considers himself to be engaged in mockin’ when He barks like this.

And the moral of that, I guess, would be something like "Foxcuckooland is a foreign country, they laugh from different things there."

Happy days.

[1] Point (B) is maybe a tad sneaky. Paddy does have at least a little low interest in making a genuine thought experiment in Social Scientism, rather than a merely rhetorical one, by checking back after a few degenerations or centuries to see what Hungary-as-a-Magyar-State is like in (say) _Anno Religionismi_ 1601-2175-5935. ¿Will it have decayed to the sad condition, selfwunnerfulnesswise, that Bohemia-as-a-Czech-State seems always to have languished in? Or will things in fact work out as Dame Rhetorick leads me to suggest?

(( Speaking of rhetoric, I would have you mark, sir, that the convenience of the linguistic pairs "Bohemian/Czech" and "Magyar/Hungarian" does enter in to some extent. "Ruritania-as-a-Ruritanian State" affords but slender ammunition for the agitpropper, though the goodvolks out that way could--I fear I don’t know many details--easily be as besotted with their own self-wunnerfulness as Rio Limbaugh/Port Ste. Lucie or Pajama Junction NJ.

(( A doer might do something similar with "Yamato/Japanese," but we have preferred in the present context to confine myself to persons of impeccable whighteousness in every sense of the whord. ))

[2] Fairembalance, the Fox Goddess, insists that I advise you that the original begettter here is not Paddy McTammany by any means, but rather the late James Mill, friend to Comrade Bentham. As I am sure you remember, Mr. Mill supposedly taught little Johnnie Stuart, among many other truths more universally acknowledged either then or now or both, that "There is no ‘Father Zeus’--but this is a family secret."

Thus Paddy is basically wondering whether the Begriff _Ungarn-als-Magyarstaat_ can flourish in the Secret Sector alone, on what amounts to an extended-family basis, believed heartily by all (who matter) yet hardly ever uttered aloud where the LBW, "Lesser Breeds Without," might perchance overhear and, if they be not of Irish provenance, maybe even take offense.

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