19 May 2011

The Responsibility to be Truthful and to be Interesting

Dear Dr. Bones,

This little kiddie circus is so perfectly whight that I can scarcely believe it actually happened.

¿But who dares doubt the word of a _Herald_ angel?

So there it is: Willard Mitt, second Freelord Romney an’ first Kiddiemaster Romneycare in the peerage of Foxcuckooland, really does think "speaking Truth to Power" means giving the whole front page [*] over to Wunnerful US in the narrowest possible sense of the pronoun of the first person autoplural.

The Muses and you and I have agreed that America is where everybooby (everybooby with the whight stuff) has run away from home. Call that "the America of Christopher Columbus "

His freelordship’s monkeyshines remind me of the large overlap with "the America of Frances Trollope," that noisy land where a poor foreign gentlewoman could scarcely get a word in edgewise, the runaways were so busy selfpraisin’. [**]

"Willard loves Willard; that is, wingnuts be wingnuts."

And I wish you, sir, today more than ever,
Happy days (through affordable healthcare)


[*] Obviously one might say a discouragin’ word or twelve about what it was the front page OF.

Such invidiousness would be immaterial, though, this being one of the cases foreseen by that Nostradamic cliché "It’s the thought that counts." Or the selfthought, in the case at hand.

[**] _Fanny in Selfwonderland, or, Domestic Manners of the Americans_ is available _chez Google.

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